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Since 2010, we have printed yearbooks for schools in all 50 states, 10 Canadian provinces and 11 countries across the globe, and not a single school has lost money on their yearbook. Additionally, we have helped schools raise more than $800,000 for their project-based learning programs.

“Our yearbooks arrived this morning! Thank you so much for making sure they got to us as soon as possible. We really appreciate it.”
Marci, Pioneer Elementary
“Thank you for making this the most stress-free yearbook ever!”
David Thompson Secondary
“Jeff & Corina, you helped me in SO many ways. Your patience with my “new learning” was so appreciated.”
Katelyn, Fremont Christian
“I honestly can’t imagine how Helen could have been any better at her job. She could not have been more prompt in her replies, more clear in her instructions or more helpful and friendly in any way that I can think of! It was a delight to work with her and knowing she would always be there, ready to help, made it so much easier for us to complete our book. She is amazing at her job!”
Tracy Merry
“Our first year with Picaboo Yearbooks has been such a positive experience! I was supported every step of the way, from the array of helpful online resources, to the one-on-one assistance. Our client success specialist was always prompt to reply with any questions I had, and we worked with a design team to create a super cool cover! Everything was truly seamless. We are thrilled with the finished product, and the print quality is top-notch. We look forward to working with Picaboo again next year!”
Sarah Sinclair, Cardigan Mountain School
“I absolutely love the look of the yearbook. It was beautiful! The colors were vibrant and the pictures were bright and excellent! I loved it. Adding the special touches such as personalization with the name and the extra pages is a remarkable thing to offer to people.”
Theresa, Harmony Elementary
“Brock, You have been so much help! You are so great at your job…calm, always had an answer, easy and stress free explanation and always sent along a little extra “help” video or tutorial just in case I needed it. I look forward to working with you next year!”
Nancy, Vail Christian
“Thank you so much for your help, checking our order & putting my mind at ease.
We do love your yearbooks! We also really love the personalize feature!”
Parent, NEA CLC
“You are so loved by Lester Arnold High School. Thank you a million times over. I very much appreciate you. I do. And I am crying because this is an end to a stressful push to get this done for our senior class. Thank you so much. This email made my day.”
Lester Arnold High School
“The cover is gorgeous and I keep getting lots of comments on how beautiful it is. It’s the first thing most folks are saying!”
Crystal, Amherst
“I have done this before through some of the big-name companies and user-friendly they are not. Our church does a summer long camp. I have suggested to the director that we do a summer book as well.”
Michelle Miller, Town Creek Christian Academy
“I love the books! I am thrilled with the ease that I was able to put this together. Thank you for all of the support and guidance. Next year will be much easier!”
Rashell Avila, Hart-Ransom Academic Charter
“Every year I learn some new parts of Picaboo’s offerings. And, every year, representatives guide me through. Thank you for always helping provide my students and staff with this important keepsake. As a Title I school, I wish I offered the eBook before. You two make a positive difference in the lives of so many people.”
Katherine-Jack Swigert
“I received the yearbooks today and they look wonderful!!!! We are so happy with Picaboo and will definitely be using y’all next year! Thank you for being so responsive and available to answer questions. This has been a very easy process!!”
Sarah, Lago Vista Elementary
“They arrived and they look AMAZING! I’m so glad we went with Picaboo. The books are great and the shipping was SO FAST. Thank you so much for being such an easy company and team to work with. I can’t wait to start next year’s – I already have ideas!”
Rebecca, Spangdahlem Elementary
“Rene, I feel like we could be friends in real life!!! Thank you so much for all your help on the yearbook, could absolutely have not done this without you! You are awesome, I hope we get to work together again!”
Lara Hyatt, Franklin at Alma Elementary School
“I wanted to reach out and let you know how helpful Jaima has been throughout the yearbook creation process. She is extremely attentive and knowledgeable and I appreciate her willingness to help more than you know.”
Maddi Randazzo, Stevenson School

“Thank you very much for everything! We were able to order 210 of our yearbook, as always your team has the best support. Corina’s support has been on top of everything, thank you thank you thank you Corina!”


“I’m sooooo happy because the PSPA worked!!! Rene and Corina helped me soooo much in creating a system that works for my unique school! I’m so over the moon happy to have a partnership with Picaboo! Your company has helped me in so many ways with all the webinars you send through email and your very kind, helpful professionalism! I’m tremendously grateful that I found Picaboo Yearbooks!

This is going to be the best yearbook crunch time ever! I appreciate you all for your hard work and creating a system that truly is magical.
Please pass this email on to Rene and Corina for all the help they gave me today.



“Hi Helen,

Yes we have received them – I can’t believe how quickly they came after we ordered them. I was worried that we had ordered too late but your super quick turn around has saved the day! The books are even better than we had hoped and we can’t wait to surprise our kids with them at our Awards Ceremony. We will certainly want to recreate this next year, so would love to stay in touch :)

Thank you to you and your team for everything.

Warm regards,”


“Hi Tami! Hi Jeff!

I just wanted to say we received our shipment of the yearbooks and I could not be happier!! I know for it being our 1st time, comparitively it might not be incredibly creative, but for us it is FABULOUS! We love it! So I must give you both a huge thank you for your patience and guidance! I will most certainly be singing your praises to others! I look forward to our next adventure!
Have a wonderful summer!


“Good day to both you Tami and Jeff,

I tried to call you Tami, but according to your voicemail you are out on vacation! Enjoy your time relaxing. Still, it would be remiss of me if I did not personally thank both of you for assisting me with this project the way you guys did. Jeff you walked me through the initial phases of the project and assured me that the advertisements about the company were truly genuine! Moreover, you kept in contact with me, sent courteous emails and best of all you referred me to a very reliable and patient employee, Tami. Tami, you helped me push through this and answered my confusing questions with much clarity. You tweaked, advised, suggested, affirmed and provided another dimension of customer service that I TRULY APPRECIATE!

The books were delivered to the intended address yesterday ( a lot SOONER than anticipated) and the final product is simply exceptional. The administrators at my school are raving and I am sure they just may consider doing another project with this company. I will persuade them to.

If I were closer I would have treated both of you to a nice lunch….:)

I am very pleased and I just wanted to say THANK YOU!”


“Hi Scott, I received the yearbooks yesterday. I was two days late for ordering the books to have them here while students were still in our building. The books look great! I was worried about the cover, but it looks perfect! Your company is so fast, it’s really quite amazing. I just want to say thank you and I look forward to working with you again next year.”


“We’ve used Jostens and Balfour and we found your program to be much easier and more user friendly. The kids all enjoyed creating the yearbook and found the process to be great.”


“They look amazing!!! Fantastic quality, the staff are so excited about them. We distributed them today and got so many compliments. Thank you so much!!!”



Thank you for all of your heroic efforts this past year in getting us off the ground. Overall it was a seamless process, made more wonderful by your patience with me doing this for the first time. Wishing you all the best this summer — until next time!”


“Hi Drew,

I was going to send you a note today — I opened the books yesterday and they look GREAT! Thank you for all of your help — you were so helpful and responsive. These are definitely a step up from our previous books — your binding is really nice. It was a pleasure working with you. I hope things are slowing down for you and that you have a great summer.”


“The order came complete and there have been many compliments and zero complaints. Love your company and looking forward to working with you again next year.”



First of all, thank you for all your help and support. We got our yearbooks in the mail today and they look great. So great, in fact, that we might need more.”


“We received the yearbooks and they look great! I’m very satisfied. Thanks for all of your help this year!”



They have been quadruple checked, and I just submitted our order. Thank you SO much for being so patient and helpful through this process. I did not think it was possible to get it done, but we did it!

You’re wonderful, looking forward to getting the “THEY SHIPPED” email, and sharing it with the school!”



They were PERFECT! Well, we made a couple mistakes, but for our first time they were beautiful! The school personnel were amazed and said they are the best books in 20 years! So, feeling pretty good. Thank you so much for all of your help. Next year will be even better!”


“Our yearbooks came in and I did look through one and it is even better than last year! I know part of it comes from my staff and, mostly, me, but you all really just make them look even more gorgeous!!!! THANK YOU! And thanks for, once again, making sure they got here!”



Our yearbooks are in and they look wonderful!!! Thank you for helping me put together this yearbook. You were very kind and helpful, and VERY knowledgeable about the yearbook. I was put under such a time crunch with this yearbook, and you made the process easier because I was able to call you whenever I needed, and you walked me through all of the questions I had. I appreciate you so much! Please pass this note on to your superiors so they know just how wonderful you are at your job! Thank you for everything!”



I wanted to take a moment and thank you and Michele for all your help! You really took care of us. And if you had anything to do with our fast arrival in time for our director leaving out of town…THANK YOU!! See you next year.”


“Hi Dale,

Thanks for reaching out! The books look beautiful, I’m super happy with them. We ordered 32 for various offices and student staff. From there, we’ll send out a student-wide email next week with the e-yearbook link and a link to the storefront. We’ll leave it up to them to purchase if they want.

Thanks for all your help this year! I’ll throw it back over to Saba for next year’s plan.”


“We got a big delivery today and it looks great!!! Woohoo!!!! And way sooner than I expected! Thanks for all your help!”


“Our yearbooks arrived this morning, well ahead of our deadline. They are outstanding!! I have no other reason to call other than to let you know. I’m super happy and will do everything I can to spread the word.”


“I would just like to say how grateful I am for your Client Success Specialist, Brock McElhaney. He was always able to answer my questions and some of them were complicated in my opinion! If for some reason he did not have an immediate answer, he worked through the situation with me. I have worked with other yearbook companies in the past and Brock just brought you to the #1 spot in my opinion! Between he and Ben LaLonde, Ridgeway is going to have an amazing yearbook. I hope to hear that Brock & Ben receive acknowledgement for their outstanding effort.”


“I wanted to tell you the yearbooks came in today!! I’m so happy and excited for the kids to see them. The principle and front office staff seen them this afternoon and they love them. I’ll have to count them and pass out tomorrow. But I looked through one and it’s right!! I’m so in love with them. Thank you for all your help.”


“The [Picaboo Yearbooks University] series has been so helpful to me even though I’ve been doing this for a few years. I’ve learned so MUCH! Like that one webinar on picture quality…EPIC!”


“Corina, I am happy to say the yearbooks have arrived today! I am so happy and it looks so awesome. I am proud to say that Tiffany & I have done such great job! We wouldn’t have done it without your help and the help of others making sure we got it printed and delivered on time. Thank you for all your help and support. Thank you! you are amazing!”


“The yearbooks look great and we are so pleased with the speedy service and delivery.”


“I just wanted to tell you that I had a wonderful phone experience with Corina Thayer this morning. I called Corina and she was so positive and helpful. She also figured out what the problem was and talked me through it- Crisis solved! I really appreciate the support she gave me. She is a true blessing to Picaboo. I just wanted to recognize one of your employees. I hope Picaboo appreciates her as much as I do. Have a good day,”


“I wanted to say it was nice to have a person call and follow up instead of the expected generic email. I can tell Picaboo has good quality service focus.”

“I love using Picaboo Yearbooks to put together our school yearbook. The process is SO easy.”


“The books turned out amazing – and we will be using you guys again next year! Also love the Skipple app!”


“The books look great! Thanks so much – everyone has enjoyed them and I hope you got to take a look as well. The quality was unparalleled in any other option I searched for over the internet. I will recommend this to the next leadership in the med school as far as yearbook options.”


“I was very impressed with the design of the editor and usability. It took me about 2 minutes to figure out how to use it and I was looking for the Add Page button…so you guys have done an incredible job on the interface…I loved it.”


“I received the package and began to create already. I cannot tell you how excited I am to do this! And…I have to say, half of how excited I am is not just being able to design and create, but knowing that you all at Picaboo Yearbooks have made it so easy to follow and learn and contact if need be! You really kick Shutterfly’s butt! Anyways, I just wanted to let you know how much ya’ll rock! So glad I found you! And I’ve only just started…THANK YOU!!!”


“The Yearbook looks great!

I’m so surprised how amazingly fit the cover file to the actual yearbook! Thank you so much for all of your help! It looks More. Than. Perfect!
I just noticed that all of the pictures look vibrant, so colorful, and fresh looking!! My co-worker sit next to me is working on WPS yearbook now, hope they will experience the same great I had!”


“I love Picaboo! The customer service is amazing. Thank you!”


“The customer support with Picaboo has been incredible since I have started using you all for our yearbooks. THANK YOU!!!!”


“I am blown away at the clarity of the photos especially the spreads on the cover & back as well as the group shot that Brock fixed for me. The band director’s quote was It looks amazing! I was also shocked by the fast turnaround. From ordering to receiving, it was five days!

Great product, great service!


“I appreciate all of the proactive support you guys are providing. I’m sure it helps you from having to answer the same questions over and over, but it also helps us. Also, shout out to Jeff [our CSS] who met with me over the summer when I became the adviser – he walked me through setting up the store and a few things. It took 10-15 minutes but it saved me HOURS of trying to figure things out on my own). PICABOO ROCKS!!!”


“The books arrived and look phenomenal!
I’m almost certain I will be leading the project again next year, hopefully not leaving it to the last minute. It was fabulous working with you and I thank you again for all of your help.
Enjoy the summer :)


“The books arrived, we love them! they are great!

I was very happy with the shipping time too, as we ordered later than usual but still got them right away!
Thanks so much!”


“We received the yearbook and it was a big hit! Everyone has been raving about it all week. The print is very clear and the color, paper, and just about everything is perfect!
I will continue to be the Thompson Yearbook Coordinator and will be continuing to have the pleasure to work with you.”


“I was so impressed with how fast they arrived and they are perfect, I know the students will love them!”


“That’s amazing! We are really pleased with how it looks. And we love the Picaboo program. So easy to use. 😊
Again thank you!”


” just got a copy of our yearbook! Its fantastic :)
Thanks again for all of your help!!”


“Hi Helen,
Karla will be taking over the yearbook next year here at MRCS. She is looking forward to it and plans to continue to use Picaboo, as we have really loved our experience with you guys and been so thankful! It basically saved the yearbook here at MRCS! :)

Karla, Helen has been the best support! She is always super quick to respond to and resolve any issues that we had, and having her come in to walk through the program with myself and the students toward the beginning of each year was always a great idea! She is very knowledgeable and I will definitely miss working with her!”


“Oh my god! The books already arrived! They look fantastic!
Thanks for all your help. Looking forward to making this an annual project!!”


“We have received our yearbooks and they look amazing! Thank you so much for all your help!”


“The yearbooks arrived today! So happy they got delivered so quickly. Thank you for everything. You’ve been a huge help!”


“It was such a pleasure to work with you! I will definitely pass on the word to the next committee that working with you and Picaboo is the way to go.Thank you again so much for all your help and support throughout!”


“I have used several Canadian school photo companies to create our school yearbook. After being dissatisfied with the quality and price of the product, I decided to venture out and find a new company. I came across your website and contacted customer service. I received a prompt reply, incredible support from a rep and I convinced my principal to try a new company. We were a little nervous at first ordering from a company in the U.S. but were we pleasantly surprised. Incredible deal in Canadian dollars! Unbelievably professional looking product! A software that was a dream for me to use. I received literally dozens of phone calls from parents last year within 24 hours complimenting the book. Thank you for such a great product!!”

“I would like to thank you for the great product. The quality is excellent and the students were very happy. I was wondering if parents can order extra copies.”


“Hi Helen,
we just received our last order of Yearbooks yesterday (along with the one hardcover we were missing last time) and we wanted to quickly say a huge word of thanks.

This was our first year putting together a yearbook and Picaboo — and you especially — made the process so much smoother. We cannot thank you enough for all the extra work you did on our behalf to make sure our book was a success, from coming to our school in person at the beginning of the year to paying out of pocket to make sure our shipment could be sent as soon as possible.

On behalf of the entire Inter-A program, we would like to thank you.
We look forward to working with you in the future :)”


“Hi Joan,

The Sperling Grade 7 yearbook is complete and delivered – wahoo! I wanted to thank you for getting me set up with the contract, and for connecting me to Helen.

Working with Helen was amazing – I have never had anyone so thorough, responsive and helpful on a project before.

I will be recommending to next year’s committee that we stick with Picaboo for the yearbook – I think there are other comparable software tools out there, but I guarantee we will not find better service and support.

Thanks again!”


“Hello Barry and Julia,

Both our High School Stampede and Elementary Stampede were submitted for printing on June 1. Picaboo Yearbooks once again surpassed delivery expectations with a fantastic turnaround of only 11 days from submission to delivery! The quality of the finished product is exemplary. Exclamations of, “This is a great book!” and “Wow, I love that!” from coworkers who have seen our yearbooks have been WONDERFUL!!

Thank you for all your assistance to make our 2018 Stampedes amazing!

Best regards,”


“Hi Cathie,
It is the last day of the school today. Finally done!!

I would like to take a moment to tell you my appreciation. This was my 3rd year for creating our school yearbook. Your company was so easy to work with and you are most helpful rep for me.”


“You’re the best Tim. I was able to place the order. Thank you! I just don’t know what would have become of our little yearbook without all of your help.”



The yearbooks have arrived and I love them! Thanks for all your help with everything!

Can I sign another contract for the upcoming school year?”



They came within a week! 😀

Thank you so much for everything this year. I will definitely be touching base with you. If there is any contract I can sign now to lock in the prices, please let me know!

Thank you,”


“Once again…you are wonderful!!!!! I am SO impressed with your companies customer service. Thank you so much!!”


“Your company is wonderful to work with; I’m really pleased with how quickly Dale Hardon always answered my questions and helped me solve problems. The Storefront is so easy to work with. The communication and tips we receive are always very helpful.”


“I am super excited!!! Our yearbooks were delivered today and they look amazing. I can’t wait for our families to see them. I know they too will share in my excitement. Thank you for all of your help throughout the year. When you have a moment I think we need to sign another contract.”
“Yes–it is here and wonderful! We cannot wait to present it to our teacher on Friday. Thank you for the great customer service.”
“This is my second year using PIcaboo Yearbooks and their customer support is amazing. Currently, I work for two schools and I wanted both schools to have a book of memories. At the traditional high school, we completed a 140 page yearbook and it looks wonderful. My students were able to upload design elements that they created on Adobe Photoshop to enhance the yearbook and show off their creativity. I really appreciate the freedom that Picaboo allows users because it gives students the opportunity to think outside of a box. At the alternative school where I work, we completed a 26 page memory book. Picaboo’s format allows users to customize the book to the meet the needs of the school. While neither of the books look the same, they share a polished look that the printing at PIcaboo helped to provide. I want to reiterate how outstanding and helpful the staff at Picaboo have been. Any time I had a technical problem, Kelly was extremely helpful and quick to respond. Tim helped me with ideas when my students were struggling. Finally, Nicole reached out to me and helped to resolve a problem before our yearbooks were printed. I am so grateful to the whole team for their assistance.



“As always, I am beyond pleased with the quality of our yearbooks. The students loved them! I appreciate the support that you are always willing to give. I cannot say enough great things about PICABOO yearbooks. Every chance I get I am speaking your praises. I look forward to creating my yearbook again next year with your company!!”
“Hi Nicole,
Thank you so very much for pushing our yearbooks through. I was in disbelief when I saw the boxes at the school this morning!!!
Your efforts are greatly appreciated and the yearbooks came out absolutely gorgeous!

Best regards,”


“We just received the yearbooks!!!!!!
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!
I can not express how grateful we are for your amazing customer service, as well as for the amazing quality your yearbooks are!! We are truly delighted with the product and your superb customer service!!!
Please tell your boss’s about our rave reviews about you and your product.
I can not wait to show all our students and staff.
My boss already said that PICABOO is a DO-OVER!!
See you next year!!


“Corina, You have been an AMAZING help to me… I wanted to give you 10 stars!!!”
Michele Chochran-Barnes
“Hello Diana!
Our yearbooks are here, and they look AMAZING!!! I ordered 5 extra copies, but I have had many students come to me wanting to order a yearbook. Is it possible to place another (smaller) order? Thanks again – as always for your help!”


“Thank you! I received the yearbooks and they look great. I appreciate the effort you both put forth in getting them to us this week. I look forward to working with you again, on next year’s book and beyond.”


“Just thought you’d like to know we’ve received lots of compliments on our yearbooks! Thanks for all you help!”


“This is our first time using Picaboo Yearbooks and I have to say, things have gone very smoothly. It is a very intuitive and user-friendly program.”


” Pat-
I just wanted to send you a quick note to again thank you for ALL your help on our Immanuel Lutheran School yearbook this year. The books arrived amazingly quickly, and they look even better than we had hoped! They really turned out so nice- our team absolutely loves them, and we can’t wait to send them home with our students this week. I know our families are just going to love the final product.

We are already excited to get started for next year! :)
Very best,”


“Corina, we received the books yesterday. We are really impressed with the final product and the quick shipment. Thank you.”


“Hi Diana!

I just received our yearbooks on Monday. They look amazing! I can’t believe how quickly you were able to get them published and mailed to us.
I just want to thank you for all the guidance you gave me throughout the creation of our yearbook. You were a tremendous help!
FYI, I already set up our yearbook for 2018 – 2019 and sent you an invitation to be my senior editor; check your email.

I hope you have a wonderful summer, and I look forward to working with you next year!

Best Wishes,”


“Hello. I wanted to take the time to write and tell you just how pleased I am with our yearbook experience this year.

I returned to being the yearbook editor after a 10-year break. I knew a great deal must have changed and the time that I was away, so I researched possible online yearbook creators and found Picaboo.

We completed our books and received them last week. I have nothing but good things to say about the experience! In particular, our yearbook rep Diana Danielson has been fantastic. She was always quick with a reply to my questions, always helpful, and just an overall great resource.

Thank you.”


“Hi Ashley-
The yearbooks look great! They will be distributed to everyone this week. Hoping we get some good feedback. You and Kelly made this a great and painless experience!

Thank you,”


“Hi! Well, you did it again! Your company goes above my expectations every year! I ordered our books on May 8th, and they were delivered today, May 17th!

Now I know we’re just a little preschool, and our book isn’t very big, but it means the world to us. We look back and can see how everyone has grown up…and that is a big deal when you are just a little kid!
I tell everyone about Picaboo! and me bragging on you will be even sweeter this year!
Congratulations on a job well done.
Thank you,”


” Dear Dale,
THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping me retrieve these files!!! When my daughter started making her senior memento board for her high school graduation, we were going through all of our old photos on the computer. Somehow we were missing the entire month of April 2013 on our computer. Perhaps it was deleted accidentally? Anyway, she was devastated because it included a play she was in, a Confirmation ceremony, and her first formal dance, not to mention other family photos. We were grasping at straws trying to figure out what to do and remembered that these pictures were included in our 2013 family/homeschool yearbook that she has made every year for a long time for our family. I called to find out if there was any way to retrieve pictures that were uploaded to our album from 2013 since we were still able to order copies of the album, I was hoping you still had the photo files. And with what I imagine was a lot of time and work, you found our files and gave them to us. You SAVED our senior memento board :)
We have always loved our yearbooks made through Picaboo and have been making them for over 5 years now. We recommend you to our friends as it is. But this awesome customer service has sealed the deal; you have a customer for life :) And I will definitely be telling my friends about it!!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for all you have done :)”


“Hello Ben,

You are simply amazing. We absolutely LOVE the yearbooks!
First of all, I am stunned at how quickly they arrived. I cannot believe the amazing turnaround time Picaboo was able to achieve. Our books arrived over a week early! Parents and staff have been coming to me all week to congratulate me on a job well done. I’ve been telling them it’s Picaboo that has done a great job! I am so happy with Picaboo’s fast turnaround, fantastic customer service, and excellent quality printing. I cannot say enough good things about Picaboo.
Our school was sorely disappointed with the dismal service and broken promises we received from Jostens, so our experience with Picaboo is a dream come true. You have a customer for life! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer every question and walk me through the yearbook process. I am so thankful I found you!


Thank you so much for getting the books to us sooner then we expected! I was shocked when they got here yesterday! And they are beautiful! I am super impressed with how nice they look–I can’t wait to show them during the last week of school!”


“I just wanted to share the good news with you- the books have arrived and I couldn’t be more relieved. Thanks again for all of your patience and help throughout the process.”


“Thank you so much! Everyone loved the quality of the yearbook. They were all very happy with it!!


“Just wanted to say Mary Lee was a great pleasure to work with on my first yearbook.
Always available, great advice and just really nice.


“The yearbooks arrived today and are absolutely perfect! Thank you so much!! You made a ton of kids happy today.”


“Hi, Julia!!
I am writing from our Signing Day where we are currently distributing our yearbooks and I have to say I am so pleased with the final product! The ease of the program and the whole process has been great!! The quicker than anticipated turn around was an added bonus!”


“I spoke w/Dale & Renee. They were both very pleasant and very kind and most importantly…helpful. It is very nice to call a business and actually feel like they want to help you resolve your issues. Great customer service Dale and Renee!!! Thank you for your help.”


Our yearbook has been ordered!!! Everything is done. That page that came up to show the exact steps of what to do was wonderful!!

I know I haven’t talked to you a lot during the year, but every time I have talked to you, you have been very cheerful and helpful!!
You can pass that along to your bosses. You are great!! I will probably contact you in a couple of weeks about something for this summer.

Thanks for your help this year.
Looking forward to working with you again next year!!”


“Good morning, Ladies!

The EHE yearbooks are in and look amazing! Thank you for always helping me through the process. I hope to get the hang of it at some point!! I do truly appreciate all your help.”


“Hi Rene,

Thank you so much for all your help. I so appreciate the attention you’ve shown to such a small order. It speaks really highly of you and your company’s commitment to customer service.



“The yearbooks arrived yesterday in perfect condition! THANK YOU for your help! Again, you guys have impressed me!”


“Hi Jeff,

Good afternoon! We just submitted our order yesterday and are excited for the yearbooks to arrive. We had a great experience with Picaboo. The program was easy to use (we used Legacy this year as HTML5 wasn’t quite ready), and families were so excited to be able to personalize them. Dale was wonderful to work with as well.

I wanted to thank you for all of your help and keeping us informed of the promotions. Those gave our sales a boost but as always, we had a HUGE number of families ordering in the last days and beyond until I released the orders. I didn’t realize they could still place their orders until I released them, and this worked out well as we got close to 20 more orders after our “deadline.” This is the first year that we are not offering yearbooks for sale in the office and we stressed that throughout the year and we sold our normal volume without the hassle or ordering extras and hoping they sold. It was very stressful last year in the last week of school having to deal with the office sales after already distributing the pre-orders. This year, we deliver the orders and are done! What a relief!”


“I hope this gets to the right individual that can appreciate what a great employee that you have working at your company. Ashley Rowton helped us out on a small Cheerleading gym yearbook order and was great to work with the entire time. She was so upbeat and answered all my questions quickly and actually acted like she cared. There are not enough people out there like that anymore.



“You’ve been wonderfully helpful! And your response time is great. I never have to wait long for a response. Also, the website so very user-friendly and our yearbook club has had a great experience so far.”


“Hello Tara and Tami,

I just wanted to let you know we received our yearbooks on Tuesday!!
Thank you so much for the lightning-quick turnaround!
As always, the quality is unbelievable! I showed the managers of the company and everyone is SOO happy with how they came out!
As we spoke about, it’s definitely a labor of love and seeing them come out so nicely and with such great quality always makes it worth it!!!
The kids will see the books on May 2nd, I can’t wait!

Thank you for everything, Y’all are always amazing!”


“Hello Nicole,
I am writing this to you because I am so impressed with and thankful for Ashley’s help with the yearbook!!
I asked her if I could have your email because it is very important to me that Ashley’s work ethic be known to you. Ashley has been invaluable to me in the process of putting the yearbook together. Although it is my second year doing this, I tend to forget what is involved. Ashley is so patient with me in the process as I have questions along the way.
Two very important things I would like noted:
1. Ashley’s timeliness in responding to my emails.
Ashley responds very quickly to all of my emails. One Saturday I had a lot of questions and she asked me to call her. Even though it was a Saturday, she spent her time on the phone with me patiently explaining the details of my questions. It was so kind. She reassured me that she was happy to do it and to call her anytime if I needed help.
2. Ashley goes above in assisting.
This year I had a lot of move-ins. I tried to add them but they kept coming in sideways. When I communicated this to Ashley, she had me send them to her so she could put them in correctly. Not wanting to bother her (because there was a ton!) I sent her a few which she fixed and then I proceeded to try and fix the rest. After it didn’t work, she asked me again to send me all of the pictures. She had them fixed by the evening so that the next day I could have the teachers proof their pages. I know this took her a lot of time but she was willing, patient, and cheerful about it.
She has been such an important resource to me. I would continue using Picaboo solely for the fact that Ashley can help me!!!
Thank you so much!”


“Mr Bunn,

The books look AWESOME! They are perfect and got here surprisingly fast. We are extremely happy with the finished product.

Thanks again for your assistance. I’m sure we will use Picaboo yearbooks again!

Very Respectfully,”


“Hello Tara and Tami,

I just wanted to let you know we received our yearbooks on Tuesday!!
Thank you so much for the lightning-quick turnaround!
As always, the quality is unbelievable! I showed the managers of the company and everyone is SOO happy with how they came out!
As we spoke about, it’s definitely a labor of love and seeing them come out so nicely and with such great quality always makes it worth it!!!
The kids will see the books on May 2nd, I can’t wait!

Thank you for everything, Y’all are always amazing!”


“I came into yearbook mid-year due to a staff resignation. Ashley was very helpful in answering all of my questions. She was very quick in her responses and getting tech support when we needed it. The tech support was swift in fixing the few issues we had. I appreciate everything she and the team did to make our yearbook a success. I can’t wait to see them!”


“I got great feedback from a parent who personalized her daughter’s yearbook today. She told everyone at our monthly meeting how great the program was, and easy to use and she bought 8 extra pages!”


“Amazing! The kids loved them and we are totally doing that again this next season! I want to start early and get everyone using the app right off the bat.
What do I need to do?
Thanks for everything!”


“Dear Nicole, and Dale,
Thank you so much for the very helpful yearbook meeting. The kids learned a lot and are getting a great start on the yearbook. We also really appreciate the pastries. They were delicious! These are probably the best thing you could have brought for our middle school students. Anything food related, especially warm pastries in the morning put huge smiles on their faces. Thank you so much again!” – Mrs. Tabin, LePort Montessori


“Tim…our books arrived (yesterday, that was fast) and they look amazing!! We have Senior Night tonight (last game of the regular season), so perfect timing. Will get a chance to show off, and hopefully generate some sales!!”


“Nicole and Tami,
I talked to my friend Adika about your generous gift. She is floored! She has never been able to purchase more than one book before. You have lifted her spirits as well as her kids. Your generosity is overwhelming. Thank you for using your heart to brighten someone’s day.
You are a gem!”


“Five years ago, Ken Willers, Principal at the School of the Madeleine, saw the Picaboo Yearbook software and thought to himself: “Wow, adults are no longer needed, the students can do this. The students can run this project.” True to his word, when the school year started, Ken announced to the school: “Never again will an adult be responsible for the yearbook. From now on, the students are responsible for the yearbook.” He provided them the Picaboo Yearbook application and off they went. Five years later, a beautiful, yearbook has gotten done each year and the team is overflowing. In fact this year, every 8th grader at the school signed up to be part of the yearbook team. Ken explained, that “when an adult is responsible, the kids sit back and wait for the adult to do the project. But when you are clear that the kids are responsible, they take that seriously and step up to complete the project. I have seen that over and over, and it’s proving true with the yearbook program as well. Now, we still have an adult adviser, but the role is limited to mentoring and making sure all the content is acceptable.”

“Southern Okanagan Secondary School is a smaller school with about 500 students from grades 8 – 12. This past school year the school was unable to secure enough orders for a school yearbook with only 40 people ordering. Seeing as this was my daughter’s grad year I spoke with some of the grads and the biggest problem was cost (the school was asking for $40 per book). They said if the cost was lower they would be interested. I met with the Principal and asked if some parents could work with grads to at least get a Grad Yearbook. He gave his blessing as long as the school approved the book before publication.

“I proceeded to search for publication companies in our area and was not having much luck getting responses back so I looked on line. I also asked around my workplace and was told that the Osoyoos school used Picaboo for their Yearbooks. So I filled in the on line request for information and received a call from Helen very quickly. She gave me all the information I needed to move forward.

“As you probably know, when you are in preliminary stages of this type of project everyone wants to help. But when it comes right down to getting the work done, nobody seems to be available. So it left two of us parents to get the yearbook together in a short period of time. Both of us have full time jobs and other commitments so it made finding time to get started and moving on the project very difficult. We worked with the school in securing orders and with only 83 grads we secured 58 orders (in the end we had 60)! The best part being that we were able to offer hard cover and soft cover depending on what the grad was willing to pay.

“Helen was very supportive throughout the process and spent many hours helping us to upload pictures (I am not familiar with Google Drive so this was extremely helpful), helped create some of the pages, and did a fabulous job of creating the cover for us! She phoned me or emailed me regularly to make sure we weren’t experiencing any problems and spent an entire evening on the phone with me (because I work days) to walk me through some of the wonderful things your program is able to do! She also went into the project several times to fix some of the pages where she saw alignment issues or just to set up a template page for Halloween for example.

“I also want to add that I am extremely pleased with the books that we received today! They are exactly as we ordered, no errors and all books are accounted for and received on time. The program was easy to navigate (once Helen showed me the way) and I would recommend your company to others.”

Janette, Parent at Southern Okanagan Secondary School
“We received the order on Friday. I think it looks great. Thank you so much for your help! Quality product!!”
“The students are so excited about the yearbook. I am so proud of them and what they have created and we are also SO THANKFUL for Picaboo Yearbooks! This program has been amazing to work with and has honestly saved our Yearbook! We were about to cancel the course, we were bleeding money with the Jostens program. Now, with Picaboo, not only have we saved yearbook for our school but we have seen orders rise because we have been able to actually offer it at a price that is better for our community, yet still make money!”
Stacy, Maple Ridge Christian School
“We had a wonderful experience with Picaboo. This was our second year in a row using the program. The first for me. I found the program really easy to use, when ever I got stuck Diana was just a text or phone call away. Diana was great to work with, really friendly and very knowledgeable. I feel like I was talking to a friend. We have recommended Picaboo to next years 5th grade team and I also told two other elementary schools to picaboo.”
Lori, Bardonia Elementary
“I want to express to you how happy we are with the yearbook this year! I could not have done it without ALL of your help. I look forward to working with you again next year.”
“I’ve used Picaboo (photo books) personally for years, and was ecstatic to get their quote for yearbook services. Then after they arrived…well, we’ve NEVER gotten so many compliments! It’s a better book than any of the other schools around (all of which have larger student bodies, and bigger budgets). Not only is ours the most AMAZING book, but the Picaboo staff bent over backwards to get it done on time (when I’d clearly messed up a deadline)! I can hardly wait to get started on our next book.”
“Thank you so much for your help and support this year. Our yearbooks arrived today and I am beyond impressed with the final product. This is the first time in 5 years that our yearbooks arrived, not only before the end of the school year but early! Our students will be so excited that they can have their friends sign their books before going away for the summer. Thank you again for all of your support and I look forward to working with you again next year!”
Lara, The Rosedale Day School
“I am sitting here in disbelief and gratitude right now. I am in disbelief at the lengths you have gone to support us, guide us, help us and be there for us at all hours of the day, and now an advocate for us to help us in our endeavour to create a special memento for a little school in Nelson. Dealing with Picaboo, and you in particular, has been an amazing and wonderful experience. All for a little yearbook. You guys are quite amazing, truly. Thank you!!”
Shellene, Nelson Christian Community School
“I could not believe my eyes when the books were on my stoop yesterday!!! They looks so great. We are thrilled. Thank you again for being a resource and a guide in this process.”
“Our yearbooks are soooo awesome!!!!!!!!”
“Thank you both so much! We received our shipment and it is AMAZING! We are all so pleased! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!”
“Wanted to note that we are extremely pleased with the results from the Picaboo printing. The color is just outstanding. The cover matte finish just looks so beautiful. And everybody loves the personalization option.”
Dawn, Creek View Elementary
“Without knowing what I was getting into, I volunteered to put together a “little memory book” for the graduating 8th grade class of Village Community School. Little did I know what was ahead. Coordinating all the parents to get me photos, nagging the kids for “senior quotes”, fighting with the administration about faculty pictures, it was really awful on so many levels. On more than one day, I worked from 8:30am clear through to 8:30 at night converting wispy pdf’s to robust jpegs and trying to find photos for the new kid who only had one.

“It was exhausting and at the end I started getting really resentful. Until the time came to print the darn thing.

“From the minute I spoke with Joan, it was if I were in a fluffy spa robe being led to a cozy chair with a cool glass of cucumber water. She was relaxed, funny, knowledgable, understanding and firm when I had called back with doubts and buyers remorse. She worked with me long after the 5pm ET cut off and made sure I was content. She was fantastic.

“Then, Saturday, I work up to realize I’d left out a crucial picture because it came in so long after the deadline. One beloved teacher whom the kids would have sorely missed wasn’t included. Frantically, I wrote and wrote emails until I was answered by Kelly. She was helpful, sympathetic, kind and tried to help, but couldn’t do anything until a supervisor stepped in. That’s when I encountered fabulous Nicole, who took charge of the whole situation. She got me what I needed and is getting the books to me at the time we need in order to hand them out at graduation on June 10.

“I came reluctantly to Picaboo, as I am a long-time Shutterfly user. I never expected to get the level of care and service I received from your exceptional staff. From Nicole down the chain to Joan, every single person has been helpful, kind, personable and understanding. The fact that they “get” how daunting a task creating a yearbook is and could commiserate with me, all the while making me happy I’ve provided this great gift for the kids at the same time, has shifted my perspective.

“Thank you for your fantastic company. The service you offer is precise, the website is responsive and easy to learn. Most important, however, is your team. Not only were they a delight to work with, but they’ve filled me with desire to sing Picaboo’s praises far and wide. As I told Nicole, my business has lots of followers. I’m delighted to praise Picaboo and link to you as well. Your people inspire that kind of customer energy.

“Thanks for creating such a wonderful landing pad after the roller coaster of yearbook creation! I wish all businesses were as responsive and helpful.”

“We got our yearbooks today (SOOOO much earlier than expected!!) and they look awesome. “
Erin, Jeffreys Grove Elementary
“I received the yearbooks yesterday (a WEEK BEFORE the schedule delivery date) and … they look amazing!! Thank you so much for your help in guiding me how to create our yearbook. The program is very easy to use and the quality of the book.. just exceptional!! We will definitely keep Picaboo for our yearbooks for the years to come!!”
“​Our yearbooks look amazing. We would love to use Picaboo again next year!!! I want to thank you so much for your guidance, I think we created the best yearbook we have had in a long time. The kids are pleased and I loved looking at the personalized books.”
Jennifer, Wilder MS/HS
“​Yesterday afternoon, we got the call for the dreadfully anticipated appointment with the hematologist-oncologist. It’s Wednesday at 11:30 AM. Then, last night, I got the shipping notification on my yearbooks. I literally cannot believe that you were able to get that done. I sat in bed this morning and cried happy tears as I explained to my husband that I will be able to center all of my attention on getting him well because I will have the yearbooks distributed on Tuesday, our original Distribution & Signing Day. I can face Wednesday without the burden of having let down my school. I will do everything I can to promote Picaboo to other schools in our area.”
“​Our yearbooks are awesome! I cant believe how fast they came!”
Chuck, Rush-Henrietta Ninth Grade Academy
“Just wanted to take the time to let you know what great service I received recently. Nicole B. responded to my email almost immediately. I was worried my granddaughter would go without a yearbook due to circumstances beyond my control. All I said to Nicole can you please help if you need more information you can call and I can explain all that has gone wrong in the past few months. Needless to say I ordered the yearbook on your website made an inquiry with an email paid 2nd day air. It was still not a guarantee it would get here by the 24th of May. Ordered the book on May 15 received it on May 18 even after being told not a guarantee. Thanks to Nicole for putting it on the watch list or whatever magic happened I want to thank you. Sometimes little things mean a lot. People don’t know all the facts in this story but very much appreciate all your help.”
“Our yearbooks arrived today and LOOK GREAT!!!! Thanks for all of your help!”
Liz, Riverview Charter School
“I can’t thank you enough for getting me through the yearbook process. It was so much easier than the old stone tablet and hammer process that I used in my youth.”
Melissa, Waveland Elementary
“I cannot speak highly enough about your company. From your immediate response to a rep working with me at 10:00 pm on a Friday night; your company is amazing!! Every time another yearbook company comes into my building I tell them not to even waste my time. I love PICABOO and couldn’t be happier with the product you are developing.”
Arin, Tippecanoe School Corporation
“Thanks so much, Kevin! You and Helen have once again been our heroes! :)”
Romaine, Pearson College UWC
“Our book order arrived Friday, and I am positively thrilled with the final results! I have to say the quality and clarity are well beyond my expectations, and I’m pleased with the final cover design. Thank you so much for all your help and assistance through this arduous process. I know it can’t be easy for you to work with “newbies” like me, but I am exceedingly grateful for all you did to ensure our marching band memory book was both affordable AND phenomenal. I look forward to working with you—much earlier—next year!”
“We used to sign incredibly expensive contracts with traditional yearbook companies and had to order a large bulk amount. We found ourselves under severe pressure to sell all of the books in order to break even, which never happened. We always had leftover books and lost money. It was terrible. Picaboo has been user friendly with excellent support, quick turnaround time, and the print-on-demand saved us thousands of dollars.”
Leticia, Fort Lupton High School
“Great software! Which made our job so simple, super user friendly! Great work, Picaboo!”
Mike, Arrowsmith School
“We received our yearbooks yesterday — they look gorgeous and turn-around time was so quick! Julia is a rockstar! I LOVE your product and if I end up being the yearbook adviser next year at the elementary school (they’ve asked me to do it), I told them I wouldn’t do it unless I can use Picaboo.”
Megan, Awtrey Middle School
“We had a great experience with Picaboo. Keli Stephens was great to work with and very helpful. WAY TO GO, PICABOO!! Great customer service!”
Kory, Damon Runyon Elementary
“I love Picaboo! I was with another yearbook company and their minimum orders killed us financially. I still have over one hundred books sitting in my office from last year that didn’t sell and had to eat the cost on. Their software was outdated and hard to use. Since switching to Picaboo, we actually MADE money on the yearbook this year, which feels like a miracle. AND the process of creating the yearbook was so much more fun! The software is user-friendly and intuitive. Switching to Picaboo this year has changed my life as a yearbook adviser! Thank you!”
Laura, Godley High School
“This is my four yearbook with Picaboo. I have been extremely impressed with how you have listened to suggestions from previous years and have worked to improve the yearbook program. I especially love being able to have a proof of the book this year. I previously worked with Jostens and really believe your no deadline, no minimum order policy is going to put other companies out of business.”
Leah, Greater Works Christian School
“It was our first year having an official yearbook club on campus and Picaboo made our collaboration much easier. I was amazed at the students’ abilities to create a unique pages that were cohesive to the overall theme of the yearbook. We did make many mistakes and had a few obstacles, but with a budget of $0 and one camera, I am really impressed with my students’ work and our final project. We are proud of our yearbook!”
Leslie, Alta Vista Early College High School
“Apollo has been using Picaboo Yearbook for two years and we love how easy it is to lay out our book. Creating pages is so easy with all the available backgrounds. Uploading pictures is so quick!”
Carolina, Apollo High School
“We also love the quick turn-around time to print our yearbooks! It adds an additional two months of coverage before our deadline versus what the other yearbook companies do. Additionally, we love that our PTA earns money from the first book that is sold. No more money lost from over estimating yearbook sales at the beginning of the year! No other company does that. It’s a no-brainer for PTA’s.”
Tracy, Awtrey Middle School
“I have really enjoyed how easy it was to use the website as well as getting the kids involved in the work that goes into building a great yearbook.”
Sarah, Calvary Chapel Academy
“Students, staff and parents say this is the best yearbook we’ve made — and this was our first year with Picaboo. We love the quality of the printing and the paper! The other companies don’t measure up.”
Anna, CHEP North
“This is our first year working with Picaboo and we loved it. Once I got the hang of it, it was easy and fun! The kids made the covers for our yearbook this year and we are so proud of their hard work. It is a great example of how kids can help make the yearbook too–even at the elementary level! With little technological know-how, we made it one of our best looking yearbooks yet! Thank you Picaboo for such a great experience!”
Tanya, Deer Creek Elementary
“This was my first yearbook and I knew nothing about making one. Ryan, our Picaboo advisor is amazing. My students loved that they could work on the yearbook at home since we are a club and not a class. We are a small school in a low-income category, so having the opportunity to provide an affordable yearbook was a major coup this year! We loved the many options and the online store! Thank you, Picaboo, for such a great experience! We have already started working on next year’s yearbook!”
Cheryl, Design Science Early College High School
“I have absolutely loved working with Picaboo. The website is very user-friendly. I loved the vibrant colors and fun stickers and how many layouts and options are offered through the website. Our parents loved the option to personalize their books. Your staff was always available and ready to help. It didn’t matter how easy or difficult my questions were, I always received quick and thorough answers. Your staff is also SO friendly! Thanks for offering a yearbook service; your product and staff can not be beat!”
Jennifer, Fiddlers Canyon Elementary
“Picaboo Yearbooks was a great option for our small academy. It was so easy to use and we had a lot of support. The kids were thrilled with how they turned out.”
Shera, George Mueller Academy
“Thanks for the great experience. I especially appreciated the personal support we received from our yearbook representative.”
Tara, Great River Christian School
“We had a great experience working with Picaboo on our first ever yearbook. The design program was easy to learn and parents loved contributing photos with Skipple. The best part is, we were able to provide a high quality product to our families at an affordable price.”
Jessica, Harbor Springs Charter School
“Picaboo’s easy-to-use program with great design elements to added great character to our yearbook.”
Harper Mc Caughan Elementary School
“I love the fact that your company seeks feedback and responds to it. The changes that you have made for this year have been great. I liked the Retrospective page options, and I think the layouts, in particular, were a big improvement. If we can just get a back button and a save button, that would really make my day!”
Susan, Home School Academy
“What made all the difference for us was our Picaboo rep, Ashley Rowton. She was always available to happily answer questions, offer suggestions and advise us on the things we needed to know. We couldn’t have accomplished our yearbook without her! We’re so thankful for her help!”
Beth, Janie Darr Elementary
“I LOVE PICABOO! Ashley Rowton and Kelly Burnham were AMAZING people to work with! They helped me with ANYTHING I needed. I am so FLOORED by how quickly my books arrived. You guys are magic! This has been a WONDERFUL experience.”
Heather, John F. Kennedy Elementary
“Fabulous! Great Program, easy to use! Have been using it for years. Great product!”
Symantha, Learning Foundation
“Picaboo was exactly what I was looking for in a yearbook company.”
Mistie, Lowell Smith Middle School
“What an absolute JOY Picaboo was to work with! It was my first year to create a yearbook for our homeschool co-op and we are already excited to work on next years! Simple direction, creative options, great pricing–practically perfect in every way! My photography class LOVED the quality of the pages and how their images POP off the page!”
Melissa, Luther Academic Barn
“We absolutely love using Picaboo to create our yearbooks. This is our second year and we enjoy the ease-of-use provided by the site. It is very user-friendly. Julia is also extremely helpful whenever we feel the need to contact her!”
Edith, McComb High School
“This is our third year with Picaboo. Love the product. Love the ease of use. Love it that there are no deadlines. Love the fast turn around. Love it that there aren’t any quotas. Love the on-line sales.”
“This was our third year with Picaboo. Love the product. Love the ease of use. Love that there are no deadlines. Love the fast turnaround. Love it that there aren’t any upfront commitments. Love the online sales. LOVE PICABOO.”
Vincent, Montclair Kimberley Academy
“Very easy! A great program to use for my first time ever working on a yearbook!”
“I absolutely LOVE Picaboo. I always feel supported, no matter what my question or problem I’m facing. Ashley Rowton is always very accessible and supportive. From loading my portraits, to questions about backgrounds to submitting my order, your team of people is FANTASTIC!! Looking forward to next year’s yearbook!!!”
Parkview Heights Elementary School
“This is my first year as yearbook adviser by myself and first year using Picaboo. Love the ease of the website. Layouts are easy to create and fun to add different design elements to. My students are loving the fact that they can personalize the back pages of their yearbooks!”
Jennifer, Potter-Dix Public Schools
“It was great! The program is very easy to use and Dale was always available to answer questions.”
Marla, Rio Grande Enrichement Studies
“Such a great company all around! My rep was extremely helpful and the software was easy and precise. Our books came out exact to how it was online.”
Nicole, Rising Sun Montessori
“This is our third year using Picaboo and every year gets better! The customer service is top-notch and the parents LOVE the free personalization included with each yearbook.”
Chandra, Riverview Elementary School
“Awesome experience. I am just overly excited about the quality of your product and the improvements you continue to make.”
Michael, St. Cloud Christian School
“We absolutely LOVED using Picaboo this year! We had a great experience, program is user friendly and our rep, Ashley, was always a phone call or text away. Looking forward to doing business with Picaboo Yearbooks in the future! WE LOVE PICABOO!!”
Courtney, Sylvan Hills Elementary
“Best yearbook program by far!!! Love the support and creativity allowed!”
Rosemary, The Big Little School
“This is our third year using Picaboo and it’s the best company we’ve used thus far! It has great features and is an affordable way to print a small number at a reasonable price. The service at Picaboo is excellent.”
Julie, The Vine
“Skipple has really helped me this year. I wasn’t able to get the kids until 4th quarter to really start creating the yearbook. The three other teachers from previous quarters were supposed to take pictures at all of the events for the school and, well, they didn’t. I really pushed Skipple so the kids could get me photos that we needed. The yearbook would have been very interesting if not for those pictures (note sarcasm).” –
Scott, Tonaquint Intermediate
Our school is a self-contained program for severely emotionally disturbed adolescents from grades 6-12. The program provides a safe environment for students to learn the skills necessary to be successful citizens in the school, home, work and community environments. Our A-Risk school has been making a yearbook with Picaboo Yearbook for three years. The skills learned by students working with the Picaboo Yearbooks throughout the year has really become a staple in our curriculum. We really enjoy the helpful staff and workers at Picaboo and look forward to working with them in the future as well!”
Joe, Tower Academy
“We love Picaboo! Absolutely loved everything about new features of the yearbook app as well as the phenomenal customer service! Very pleased!”
Ashly, Village Montessori
“Picaboo has a very user-friendly online format. Putting a book together has never been easier!”
Muriel, Virgin Valley Elementary School
“Thanks to Alice, Julia and Picaboo’s user-friendly software, producing a yearbook was much easier than my staff and I had anticipated. Alice checked on us several times and patiently and promptly answered any questions we had. Julia solved an invoice challenge with ease and a genuine concern to act in our best interest. Who could ask for better with such great customer service, no minimum order, and no deadlines? Thank you for turning a project we feared into a product we love!”
Jennifer, West Marion High School
“WOW! I can not be more impressed and happy — there are no words to describe Picaboo! Truly AMAZING from the start to end!!! Customer service is fantastic!!! Thank you and your team for helping us through this process. It’s been great! We will see you next school year!”
Cassandra, 4th Ave
“There are several things about Picaboo yearbooks that other yearbook companies can’t compete with: 1. You don’t have to buy anything as a school. Parents order and Picaboo will send that many books. 2. Very easy software. It’s fun!! 3. Customer service is friendly and easy to contact. 4. Very quick turnaround time. Our yearbooks come in about two weeks!!”
Jillian, Quarles Elementary
“Everyone who got a yearbook this year was thrilled! Everyone who saw them but6 didn’t get one were sad. I look forward to the new year and the great things we are going to do with Picaboo Yearbooks.”
Carrie, Oklahoma Centennial
“We had a wonderful experience designing our yearbook with Picaboo. Antioch College is a very unique school with only about 200 students. Picaboo’s design software, pricing, and fast printing gave us the flexibility we needed to make something that really told our story in a feasible way.”
Hannah, Antioch College
“This was my first year as yearbook advisor and I was a bit unsure of the process. Our rep, Cathie Del Rosia has been very supportive and always willing to answer any questions we may had. Using Picaboo has been a very positive experience.”
Holly, Temecula Preparatory School
“I had a great experience this year designing and laying out the middle school yearbook. It was a lot of fun when I got into all the details. The backgrounds were easy to use and the picture editing was user friendly. The support staff, Julia Rochevot and Clem Rogers were super helpful anytime I had questions or needed assistance. I absolutely love the book. I am very proud of the way it all turned out and how quickly we received our order. Thank you, Picaboo, for such a great book and memories to cherish. I very much appreciate your company.”
Cissy, Celina Middle School
“Picaboo Yearbooks’ super slick web program is a cost effective and time saving creative outlet for this busy mom. With my ace Picaboo account rep and designated Picaboo yearbook support specialist, I don’t feel like a one mom team. Any issues are resolved for me within hours, sometimes minutes. Since my kiddos read their yearbooks most nights as a bed time story, I know this product is durable and will be enjoyed by the students many times over.”
Jessica, Sunset Hill Elementary
“This is my second year using the Picaboo product for our yearbook, and I am so happy I took a leap last year and tried it! I think I have the other schools in the district sold, too. This year was so simple and smooth. So much to be excited about this year!”
Demaris, John Muir Elementary
“Our experience this year was our first time using Picaboo Yearbooks, and it was just a great experience. Not only was the quality of the yearbook so clear and high quality, but the costumer service was that as well. We have had multiple compliments on the accessibility of online ordering, and the added features such as the personalization option and the QR codes have been a big hit with our families!”
Jenny, Hendrikes Elementary
“This was my first year using Picaboo. I loved it and the yearbook looks fantastic! It was easy to use and learn and I loved the quality of final product!”
Wendy, List Elementary
“I teach at a school for elementary and middle school students all who have special needs (autism, multiple disabilities, intellectual disabilities, visual impairments, etc). Due to the uniqueness of our school, we have unique needs for a yearbook. Picaboo provides the opportunity to create a yearbook that fits our needs and the Picaboo reps that I have spoken to have always been easy to access and ready to help.”
Niki, Herbin-Metz Education Center
“As my first year at a blended learning school draws to a close, I need to thank Ryan Corum and Picaboo for making it easier to deal with the problems of only seeing my staff for an hour and a half per week. Ryan smoothed any bumps in the road and even added a creative idea or two. I look forward to an even easier and quicker future with Picaboo. I have already recommended Picaboo to another school!”
Patricia, Visalia Charter Independent Study
“This is my second year with Picaboo. I love the ease of use and all the beautiful art choices. My rep Tara is amazing to work with and I consider her not just my rep, but my friend. I would not dream of switching yearbook companies.”
Shelly, Rochelle School of the Arts
“Best Year Ever! As a school for youth with Special Needs, we were challenged by the fact that we wanted our students to create the yearbook totally on their own with minimal staff support. The layout templates were great and we were able to turn out a first class product thanks to the wonderful Picaboo support team. Students had more input than ever before and our books look terrific!”
Herm, Unicorn Village Academy
“This is my second year using Picaboo Yearbooks and I couldn’t be happier with the final product! My experience working with my rep has been exceptional. She is helpful and encouraging throughout the entire school year. I am already looking forward to creating next year’s book!”
Arin, Battle Ground Middle School
“We have had great feedback from parents–they are very impressed. The QR reader option is a game changer. Looking forward to working with you next season!”
Stacy, Indiana Elite
“Our yearbooks turned out very well. I really appreciated the quick process and delivery of the books.”
Priscilla, Hillsdale College
“I just wanted to let you know that the yearbooks arrived and they look fabulous! All of the staff and students loved them! Thank you so much for your help and I look forward to doing business with you again next year.”
Cassandra, Homestead High School
“Your customer service has been outstanding. I have a full time job and find great customer service to be lacking in most areas of life, so to have great help is appreciated. Keep up the good work.”
Lucy, St. Mary’s Catholic School
“Everyone is happy with the yearbooks! They are really colorful this year. They arrived faster than expected and in good condition. We are especially happy with the customer service we’ve received, and appreciate your following up on everything. (This never happened with the previous company we used.)”
Clara, Great Expectations School
“The yearbook turned out fantastic and we are very pleased with the results! Thank you for all of your help along the way to make this project successful. The turnaround time was INCREDIBLE! We will definitely use your services in years to come.”
Breneice, Enlace Academy
“We were very pleased with the final copy of our yearbook! The final product looked very professional!”
Deb, Paideia Coop
“Everyone loves the yearbook! I am so happy that I chose Picaboo to make our incredible book of memories. The platform was so easy to use and the quality is awesome. We are nearly sold out of our initial order of 75 books and the storefront is open for those to purchase additional books once we sell out.”
Toni, St. Francis School
“The yearbooks turned out amazing! Everyone loves them. Thank you so much for all your help and support. I greatly appreciate it.”
Amanda, Imagine Hill Academy
“Everyone is very pleased with the quality of the yearbooks- we look forward to expanding this project next year!”
Holly, Powell School
“My friends who will have 5th graders next year are already asking me how we did the yearbook. You may just get another order next year I would definitely recommend Picaboo to others looking to create a yearbook. Thanks again for all of your help!”
Danielle, Madison Elementary
“I’ll definitely be recommending Picaboo to everyone!”
Karen, Marshall High School
“Thank you for all of your help. Picaboo has been exactly what we were looking for– easy-to-use and an excellent product.”
Rachel, Cozaddale Baptist Academy
“Our yearbooks turned out fantastic! I was more than pleased with the final product! Thanks again for all your help!”
Anne, Northeast Metro
“The Picaboo system works great for me because I don’t like having a deadline and I like to order as few or as many books as I choose. The flexibility of Picaboo is wonderful for our school.”
Nancy, Minnesota New Country School
“The yearbooks turned out amazing this year. And I have heard great feedback with the personalized yearbooks. I am definitely going to promote that next year. Thanks so much!”
Trisha, Creative Technologies Academy
“We received our yearbooks and LOVE them. Thank you so much for all of your help! I look forward to working with you again next year!”
Amanda, Mercy Montessori
“I was new to do a yearbook and found the staff very responsive and supportive in helping navigate the program.”
Joanna , Alliance @ Benson High School
“Just like every adviser, I worked hard to making this years book a yearbook full of memories for students & staff to enjoy!! This is my second year creating our campus’ Yearbook and I feel Picaboo was VERY easy to work with. Yes, I had lots of questions BUT I’m thankful I had my rep and YSS to help guide me in the right direction. Picaboo has a GREAT support TEAM!”
Lori, Godley Intermediate
“Everyone at Picaboo is so helpful. I especially loved that students could log in at school and work on their pages at their own computer.”
Amanda, Legacy Prep Academy
“This was my first year using Picaboo and it was so easy to use. I loved working with my rep. She answered all my questions and helped and gave advice!”
Julie, Mount Jordan Middle School
“Excellent customer service! My questions are always answered quickly.”
Jackie, Oakridge Secondary School
“This was my first year with Picaboo and it was great! I love the ease of the software and I had two wonderful advisors (my rep and YSS) to help me with all my questions.”
Jennifer, Olivet Elementary
“My yearbook staff loves working with Picaboo! For me, it is such a tremendous pleasure to put together a yearbook compared to the good ‘ol days of true cutting & pasting!”
Lora, Our Lady of Fatima Co-op
“Our school is a self-contained program for severely emotionally disturbed adolescents from grades 6-12. The program provides a safe environment for students to learn the skills necessary to be successful citizens in the school, home, work and community environments. Our A-Risk school has been making a yearbook with Picaboo Yearbook for three years. The skills learned by students working with the Picaboo Yearbooks throughout the year has really become a staple in our curriculum. We really enjoy the helpful staff and workers at Picaboo and look forward to working with them in the future as well!”
Joe, Tower Academy
“We love Picaboo! Absolutely loved everything about new features of the yearbook app as well as the phenomenal customer service! Very pleased!”
Ashly, Village Montessori
“Picaboo has a very user-friendly online format. Putting a book together has never been easier!”
Muriel, Virgin Valley Elementary School
“This was our first year with Picaboo and the transition was very smooth! Our staff loves all of the editing tools and the endless possibilities for page designs. Our staff has ALL thoroughly enjoyed working with Picaboo Yearbooks this year!”
Kathe, Washington County Homeschoolers Co-op
“We love the program and all the extras that come with Picaboo. We loved that we could included more activities in our yearbook because of the three week turn around!”
Jill, Woolmarket Elementary
“I am so grateful to my rep Alice for introducing me to Picaboo Yearbooks. The program is so easy to use. I absolutely love it! Picaboo is my choice to work with.”
Lisa, Pass Christian
“Our school received our yearbooks yesterday after less than two weeks after ordering them! I tell everyone about Picaboo. Thank you for doing what you promise…creativity, fast turnaround and a fabulous product!”
Rosemary, The Big Little School
“Our high school’s main yearbook just has one page for the band, but we do dozens of things all year. The band boosters decided to offer a book of just the band activities. We focused heavily on pictures of the students and making sure every event was highlighted.”
Sondra, Elkhorn South High School
“Working with Picaboo has been wonderfu. The website provides endless possibilities and my account managers and YSS were always a phone call away to assist and guide me through any setbacks.”
Jessica, Johnstone Elementary School
“The kids pulled together in the end and really made the book look great. I love that the yearbook was designed by the students, for the students. It tells their unique story.”
Christine, Riverside BAMS
“This is our third year with Picaboo Yearbooks and we like the ease of using the program. The improvements this year were a great time-saver and the team loved many of the the new backgrounds.”
Carla, New American School
“My daughter is in her first year of high school so this is my first experience with Picaboo yearbooks. Unfortunately, she wasn’t paying attention at school when it was announced they would be selling yearbooks in the school itself. I was very impressed with how the Canadian sales manager went over and above for one small yearbook order. He is a fantastic ambassador for your business and I know if I am ever in need of services offered by your company outside of the yearbook division, you will definitely be my first stop. I would certainly recommend you to anyone just based on his amazing customer service, which sadly is missing in so many industries these days.”
Jane, St. James Catholic School
“I just downloaded the ebook version of the yearbook. It looks great, and I think the staff and students will love the option of having the yearbook available electronically.”
Robert, Sunnybrook School
“Just wanted to let you know that I received the books about a week ago and was able to distribute them today. Everyone was extremely happy. Thank you again for such great service. I appreciate it very much!”
Sharon, Shine Christian Home Educators

“I’m writing to let you know that our books have been received, cried over, screamed over and stared at for hours. Never in the history of being amazed, have we ever been this amazed over something so amazing. I personally have looked at this book over and over and over as if I wasn’t the one who actually put this thing together.”

Lorraine, Camden High School