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More than 3,500 schools have switched to Picaboo Yearbooks.
It’s easier, less expensive, and delivered within 15 business days with the quality you expect.

“I am so FLOORED by how quickly my books arrived. You guys are magic!”

Heather, John F. Kennedy Elementary

“No more money lost from overestimating yearbook sales.”

Tracy, Awtrey Middle School

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Picaboo Yearbooks

Traditional Yearbook Companies

Easy, less expensive, fast

Hard, expensive, slow

Simple pricing

You know exactly what you’re paying
Try our Price Calculator.

Complicated pricing

You often don’t know the true cost per book.

No hidden fees

Our pricing is totally transparent – never any hidden fees.

Hidden fees

You are often charged without knowing.

No minimum orders

Only pay for what you sell.

Minimum orders

You often end up with inventory of books you didn’t sell.

Single deadline

Only have one deadline, and that’s the time you place your order.

Multiple deadlines

You must submit finalized content multiple times throughout the year.

From time of order to your school, 15 business days guaranteed

Include your spring activities.

6-8 week turnaround

Your spring activities are missed.

Easy software

No class or extensive training required.

Complicated software

Steep learning curve, often requires class.

Full online store access

You pick the store name and URL, change pricing any time and access real-time reporting.

Publisher controlled online store

Administrative hassle to setup yearbook store. No access to change site.


Do-It-Yourself Yearbook Portraits

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Milestone Yearbooks

Need High School Yearbooks?

Milestone Yearbooks provides high schools with advanced tools and printing options to deliver a best-in-class yearbook.