Get PSPA Files In Order ASAP!

By Nicole Hammond, Professional Development Trainer
November 26, 2018

Things are clicking along (is it possible this might be easier than you thought?)

But then…you come across PSPA files.

If you find yourself asking, “What are PSPA files anyway and how do I use them?!” take a deep breath. This will be a piece of cake too!

PSPA stands for the Professional School Photographer’s Association. Although this organization is now defunct, they were the first group to establish file standards for school portrait photography. These standards are now used by photographers and yearbook companies to allow portrait images and associated keywords/text to flow onto yearbook pages automatically!

Here are the steps to utilize this time-saving service:

1 – Make Sure Files Are Correct

When the files arrive, make sure you have the correct files!  If you are a Lifetouch customer, you will get two sets of files: “Publishers’ No-Touch” files and the “Administrative” files. You will need the Publishers’ No-Touch. (If you are using another photographer for your student portraits,  make sure you have the index.txt  file).

PSPA Folders

2 – Import Portraits

Once you are sure you have the correct files, go into your project and click on the “Import PSPA” button under “People”.  Click on “Select CD or Folder” and navigate to your desktop (This is a good time to mention that you should copy the files to your desktop – whether they were sent as a digital download or on a CD). Choose the folder that contains all of the PSPA files (DO NOT open that folder).

3 – Set Up Portrait Sections

Once the upload is complete, you can set up your portrait sections. (Our PSPA webinar will walk you through the process step-by-step. Click here:

4 – Edit Portrait Entries

To edit portrait entries, or for more portrait information, you can also click on the link to the KB article here:

Still not sure you’ve got this?  Call your CSS! They are happy to talk you through the process!

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