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Pinterest Picks : Playing With Opacity in Yearbooks

A new school year is upon us, and one of your first yearbook related tasks is picking a theme and beginning your cover design. Picaboo Yearbooks has an entire Pinterest board dedicated to cool cover design ideas. But right now, we are loving these bright and happy designs that use colorful images or text, then overlap them and play with the opacity. These designs are eye-catching and unforgettable, which is exactly what a good yearbook cover should be.

When using the Picaboo Yearbooks app, place text, images or stickers, then use the opacity tool in the Adjustments menu to create the effect. Here are a few inspiring examples from our Pinterest page:

Pinterest Picks | Playing with Opacity | Picaboo Yearbooks

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Try layering text or a favorite sticker over an image and reduce the opacity. To keep things modern try using a color that mimics something already in your image. This effect allows designers to layer elements with blocks of color, text and images with  varying color dimensions. Different opacities can also be used to help text pop off a background that may otherwise too busy to showcase text.

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