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Tutorial Series: Preview Mode

As you work through your yearbook project and prepare to do a final proofing process of each page, it’s a good idea to utilize our Preview mode. The Preview mode provides a seamless, full-screen view of your pages without all the distraction of tools, toolbars and menus.

To access the Preview mode, you can select Preview when first opening your book in your library:

Preview 1

You can also access Preview mode from your Section workspace by clicking Preview Yearbook at the top right of the screen:

 Preview 2


Last, you can access Preview mode when you are viewing and editing specific pages by clicking Preview at the top right of your layout.

Preview 3

Preview mode will allow you to view each spread individually. You have the option to toggle the Safety Zones on and off in the lower right corner to show what can potentially be cropped in the production process.

Use the slider at the bottom center of the screen to zoom in and out on pages and the arrows to turn to the next or previous page.

If you have concerns about your image quality and resolution, you can click the green “See this in high resolution” button at the top of the screen to get a better idea of what the final print will look like.

Press ESC on your keyboard or click the black X at the top right of the screen to exit Preview mode and return to your project.



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