Yearbook Content: Put it to a Vote

Cast a ballot

When it comes to yearbook content, variety is key. Nobody wants a yearbook that’s representative of only a portion of the student body. Every club and school group needs to be well represented, but what else do students want in their yearbook? Asking this important question, when generating yearbook content, is key to creating a yearbook everyone will want to purchase.

Find out what the student body wants to see included in the yearbook by making a list of ideas and putting them out there for a vote. How about a list of the most popular songs from the year? Do they want to sound off about their favorite movies, or best Homecoming moments? Giving them options ensures that the yearbook truly represents everyone’s year.

If your school uses social media, create an online poll with five to ten “yes” or “no” and a few open-ended questions for students to share their thoughts. Other ways to collect votes include: distributing ballots during lunch or setting up voting stations outside of the gym. There are plenty of ways to make sure students get their voices heard, and your yearbook will be better because of it.

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