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By Nicole Hammond, Professional Development Trainer
April 2, 2019

Yea! Your community is so excited for the book and you have a ton of orders! Now, your book is finally finished and you are ready to submit it for publishing.

But, umm, how exactly do you do that?

Easy! Just follow the 4 steps below:

1 – Tax Exempt?

Because tax exemption laws are complex, and vary by city and state (even by organization), you will need to check with your financial coordinator to determine your status. If you are tax exempt, please make sure your form has been sent to your CSS and uploaded. If you are not exempt – or your exemption hasn’t been uploaded – we will collect sales tax and remit to your state.

2 – Check or credit card?

Determine if you will be submitting an invoice to be paid by check, or if you will be paying in the cart with a credit card. If you will be paying by check, you will need to submit your invoice request. AT LEAST 2 weeks before you plan to submit your books to production. Get all of the instructions for invoicing, as well as the online invoice request link here.

If you are using a credit card to place your order, you will not need to request an invoice. But, you (personal card) or your bookkeeper (group card) should contact the credit card company and let them know that a charge will be made, or the approximate amount. Some cards have a pre-authorization limit and won’t allow large amounts to be charged without prior approval.

3 – Approve your Proof

The final item on your pre-submission checklist will be to approve your proof. After you have locked all of the pages in the book, a PDF proof will be generated and sent to the adviser email address. Review this proof carefully for spelling, photo placement and cropping, and cover bleed/trim lines! It’ll be your last look at the design before its off for printing.

4 – Submit to Production!

If you are releasing a pre-order queue, click the “submit to production” button in “book settings” in your storefront. If you are ordering through the cart, click “finalize and order” in your project.

Congratulations and take a deep breath! But hold on…I said a deep breath, not a break! You aren’t completely ready to relax yet! Join us for the last webinar of the season, which will show you what to do when your shiny new books arrive!

So, maybe until then…I guess you can relax a little :)

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