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Yes, you can offer both hard and softcover yearbooks!

Did you know with Picaboo Yearbooks you can sell both hard and softcover yearbooks to your student body? With two different price options, more students may be willing to purchase a yearbook.

To do this, simply activate both types of covers in your custom storefront’s price calculator. You also have the option to offer free eYearbooks to all students (or sell them for extra profit). Click here for instructions on setting up your custom storefront.


If you have opted to offer both hard and softcover yearbooks in your storefront, you will have two cover sections instead of one:





While both cover editors look pretty similar, there are a few key differences.


Hardcovers require the artwork to extend to the red Bleed Line. This allows the design to wrap around the binder’s board. Only a small portion of this area is visible, but not extending your artwork could result in some unplanned whitespace.


To ensure the background spans the entire are of your softcover yearbook, you must extend it past the trim line and into the bleed area. Unlike the wrap zone on the hardcover editor, the Bleed Area will be trimmed from the rest of the cover.

Softcover yearbooks with fewer than 70 pages are too small for text on the spine therefore, this option will not be activated in the cover editor.

PRO TIP: To center artwork, measure from the dashed vertical line (representing the spine area) to the Crop Zone and place accordingly. Guides and grid lines are available to assist you in that task. They are activated from the More menu. Select View >> Guides and Grids and check the options you wish to activate.

high resTo view how your cropped cover artwork will appear once your yearbook is printed, we highly recommend that you use the PREVIEW button in the upper right corner. Once you have opened the Preview, click the green button to view your artwork at a higher resolution.

IMPORTANT: Even if you have locked your current cover section, please take a minute to double-check to make sure your design complies with the crop and wrap zones.

If you would like to design your cover using InDesign, Photoshop or another program that will allow you to export high resolution JPG or PNG files, click here for instructions and downloadable templates.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a Yearbook Support Specialist (toll free) at 855-537-0050 or

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