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Middle School Yearbooks

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  • No minimum orders.
  • No deadlines.
  • 3-week turnaround.

Middle School Yearbooks Just Got Easier


We’ll make your yearbook (and YOU!) look good without reducing you to tears! Our free, online Creator Studio is pre-filled with layouts, covers and unique design elements sure to take any yearbook from drab to fab.

Nobody likes baggage. Only need 300 yearbooks? No problem. Only want 10? You got it. There’s no minimum order requirement and ordering additional copies is never an issue.

We’ve got nothing to hide. A 20-page softcover yearbook is just $9.49, eYearbook option, four personalized pages for each book and free shipping on orders of 50 or more.

We operate at lightning speed! It takes no more than 3 weeks to print, ship and deliver your yearbook — the fastest turnaround out there! Does this qualify us for superhero status?

We can help you plan and design your yearbook, but you control the time line. Nothing is due until you’re ready to order. Your yearbook. Your time. Your deadlines. You’re welcome.

Get started on your yearbook with our free Yearbook Guidebook and video tutorials. Contact a Yearbook Support Specialist to seek advice or get answers to your burning yearbook questions.

Unleash your creativity with our
online Yearbook Designer

  • Layouts
    Hundreds of pre-designed layouts
  • Stickers
    Unique backgrounds, artwork and fonts
  • Covers
    Traditional and modern cover designs
  • Portraits
    Autoflow portraits from PSPA

Getting Personal

FREE personalization with every yearbook

Go ahead, make the yearbook personal. With free personalized pages included in every yearbook, students can add photos that tell THEIR story. It’s their year, their experience - shouldn’t it be all about them?

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Depoali Middle

"Picaboo offers a great way to create a high quality, inexpensive yearbook and I don't have to handle any money or track orders!" Daniel B. - Depoali Middle School