Last Call for Orders

By Nicole Hammond, Professional Development Trainer
March 1, 2019

Last Call for Orders

You opened the storefront in October. You sent out the flyers. You added a link to the store on your school’s website. And, you advertised everything on social media, and at your school events.

BUT, only one third of your entire community has bought books. What gives??
If this sounds familiar, it might be time to rethink the strategy. Giving your community a long lead time for ordering is kind, but most people will put ordering out of their minds.

Why? Because there just isn’t that sense of immediacy. One way to create a sense of immediacy or urgency is to raise the price of the book, and doing so is important for many reasons:

  • It gets customers in the habit of buying during your initial sale – and believing that they are getting a discount.
  • It will help to offset any additional costs you may incur with shipping (if you order fewer than 50 books) or gift books (like the Principal’s book, library copy…etc.)
  • It will often allow for additional pages to go into the book, in case you want to add Picaboo Yearbooks’ Retrospect pages, or end of year festivities.

If you still need to generate revenue for your book on top of that, here are a few tips that are sure to do the trick:

  • Parent Ads – Whether you open these pages up to your entire community, or just to the graduates, parents look forward to sharing well wishes (and especially those adorable baby pictures!)

  • Lovelines – If you don’t have the space for parent ads, or, if you only want to offer parent ads to graduates, and have something special for the other classes, consider offering lovelines. These don’t include images, just lines of text. Parents are limited to a set number of characters they can purchase.
  • Business Ads – Don’t overlook the support you can receive from the community at large! The same businesses that allow you to hold events like “Spirit Nights” set aside funds each year to support local schools, sports teams, and volunteer groups! Picaboo Yearbooks has predesigned ad sales pages and ad layouts to help make this portion of the book a breeze! Check them out here.

Ad Pricing

Many people want to know about pricing ads. Parent and business ads can generate great revenue, but only if you price them right. Take a look at the example below for suggested guidelines. We suggest using the base book price to get the amount to charge for each ad size:


  • Book Price for HC (hard cover book)  $18.99/20 pg.
  • Full Page Ad: 18.99 x 2 = $37.98 (round to $38.00)
  • ½ Page Ad: 18.99 x 1.5 = $28.49 (round to $29.00)
  • ¼ Page Ad: 18.99 x 1 = $18.99 (round to $19.00)
  • ⅛ Page Ad: 18.99 x .75 = $14.24 (round to $14.00)

*Using this formula, parents and businesses are able to see they are getting a better value when they purchase a larger ad size!

Another available tool is our Ad Space Documents that you can print out at: yearbooks.picaboo.comdownloads

Important Note: If you have taken book orders in school, make sure to add those to your storefront pre-order queue BEFORE you release your books into production. For detailed instructions for adding them, watch our recent webinar:

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