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Homeschool Yearbooks

  • Easy-to-use design tools.
  • No minimum orders.
  • Free personalization.

Every Student Deserves a Yearbook


Our free, online Yearbook Designer is pre-filled with layouts, covers, unique design elements and photo editing tools. It is sure to take any yearbook from drab to fab.

Whether you’re with a homeschool community or a family with just one or two kiddos, we won’t let quantity requirements prevent your student from receiving a yearbook.

We operate at lightning speed! It takes no more than three weeks to print, ship and deliver your yearbook — the fastest turnaround out there! Does this qualify us for superhero status?

Get started on your yearbook with our free Yearbook Guidebook and video tutorials. Contact a Yearbook Support Specialist to seek advice or get answers to your burning yearbook questions.

Unleash your creativity with our
online Yearbook Designer

  • Layouts
    Hundreds of pre-designed layouts
  • Stickers
    Unique backgrounds, artwork and fonts
  • Covers
    Traditional and modern cover designs
  • Portraits
    Autoflow portraits from PSPA

Getting Personal

FREE personalization with every yearbook

Go ahead, make the yearbook personal. With free personalized pages included in every yearbook, students can add photos that tell THEIR story. It’s their year, their experience - shouldn’t it be all about them?

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Personalized Yearbooks Video

Ben and Me Homeschool

"Do you know how many yearbooks I could have made for the cost of those scrapbooking supplies collecting dust in my basement? Ben and I are both excited about using Picaboo Yearbooks to make books for years 2-12 of his life and homeschool. This is going to be so much fun!" Marcy -

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