Build Your Yearbook Team: Inviting Members

Building a yearbook should be fun and exciting, but we recognize how daunting it can seem at times. By including others to help you, whether it is a yearbook class, an after school club or several parent volunteers, Picaboo Yearbooks has designed our application to make it fun and enjoyable.

This series will walk you through how to build your yearbook team, what the different roles are, how to assign pages and how to increase participation in photo collections. Let’s begin:

Don’t build the book by yourself: How to set up your team

1. Log into your account and open the yearbook you’re working on
2. Towards the middle of your screen at the top you will see TEAM:


3. Click on Team. The New Teammate button will appear:


4. Once you click on the New Teammate button, it will bring you to the below screen where you can add new team members. Simply fill out the information, click Send Invitation and they will receive an email letting them know they have been invited to be a team member of the yearbook.


Next in this series will walk you through what the different Roles mean, how to assign specific pages to your new teammate and how to see if they have accepted your invitation.

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