Build Your Yearbook Team: Let’s Engage!

NOW, we are going to learn how to engage your entire school!

People buy books when they KNOW they are going to be in it, right? Picaboo Yearbooks has created an ideal way to include your parents, teachers, staff, children, friends and family in helping create lasting memories.


You can only be in so many places at once. How do you capture those events, expressions, laughter, smiles and memories when you aren’t there? The answer: you allow others to contribute pictures for review. Better yet, how do you make your yearbook come ALIVE WITH VIDEOS?

There are a couple of ways Picaboo Yearbooks makes this easy for you.

We’ve already introduced your team members. The Senior Editor, Editors and Photo Editors can all upload pictures to be used. Let’s learn HOW they upload that content.

How do my team members and I upload pictures?

Once you, or any of your teammates log into their accounts, at the top of the screen you will see IMAGES:


When you click on the IMAGES, it will open up an entire world of options for your team.  Some of these options are directly linked to the training you will receive on CREATING your yearbook, so we will focus on the actual UPLOADING of photos, and/or videos in this tutorial.

You can choose to upload pictures to a specific section, or you can add them to the “Unassigned” section to place at a later date. Whatever section you have highlighted is where the photo will be uploaded. Don’t worry, you can always move them to other sections as you are working on your book. See below for an example of how to choose your section for photo uploading:


 Off to the right in the IMAGES screen, you will see ybteam14  .  Click on the Add Photos button which will bring you to where the magic happens:


From My Computer you can upload pictures directly from the computer being worked on.

The Facebook icon will take you to your Facebook account and which allows you to pull any pictures directly from your albums.

The Flickr icon will allow you to upload pictures from Flickr.

The Make a QR Code will allow you to create QR codes and add VIDEO content to your yearbook bringing it to life. We will go over how to create a QR code in another post.

Once you’ve added all the pictures you want for this session, simply click the ybteam16 button in the lower right hand corner and they will upload to the section you have specified.

Student, Staff and Family Photo Contributions to the Yearbook

The more pictures the merrier, right? Actually, the more pictures from various perspectives and events, the merrier. Let’s work on getting your families involved in helping with the yearbook in a way that will increase book sales for you and your school.

There are 2 ways you can have people contribute photos.

The first is to REQUEST them. You can only request photos for a specific section.  Highlight the section you would like to request pictures for, and off to the far right you will see the “Request Images” link right next to the Add Photos button. Simply add the email address(es), a short message and click send. We recommend that you include in your message for WHAT event (section) you are requesting assistance for so they will send the correct photos.


Your recipients will receive an email with a link to the yearbook. The email looks like this:


The second way to include parents, students and staff is right from your school’s Picaboo Yearbooks storefront.

Once your storefront is established a link is generated. Send the storefront link to families, students and staff at the school. By accessing the storefront through the link, everyone now has the ability to upload pictures, as well as assign them to a particular section. From the home page of your storefront, they will see the contribute photos link. All they have to do is click on that link which will allow them to identify who they are, confirm their email address and which sections they would like to upload photos to.


Once they enter their information, choose a section, and add photos to be included we will ask them to verify and Save.  They can even add notes so that you and your team have added help with captioning your yearbook:


Then we will very politely tell them THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTION and provide them with the opportunity to Contribute more photos!

How do I see what families, staff, & students have uploaded?

Great question.  Since we are only allowing them to submit pictures for REVIEW, you and you staff can look at the pictures, as well as change the section that it was added to, and approve or deny them.  Going back to your Images screen that we learned about at the beginning of this session, you will go to the Pending Contributor Photos tab where it will search for Contributed Photos:






This series has covered all items necessary to create your team, assign roles, understand what various roles are for, and getting more people involved in the yearbook creation by uploading pictures, and videos.  When people know their kids will be represented, or students know they have the ability to help with content, they are more likely to buy, thereby increasing spirit in the school,  sales of your yearbook, and lasting memories.  If you have any further questions with this series or need help with anything you’ve learned, please do not hesitate to contact your PYB Customer Service Rep.

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