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Adviser’s Role in Yearbook Personalization

Adviser’s Role in Yearbook Personalization - Picaboo YearbooksFor each yearbook, the adviser can decide whether to offer personalization or not. Personalization allows students/parents to create a personal section that is added to the back of the yearbook and printed in a “flip-flopped” manner. Personalization can be turned on and off in the “manage” book link found in the Adviser’s store.

Personalization includes four free pages. Only if the student/parent creates more than four personal pages will Picaboo Yearbooks charge them $.99/page. Personalization must be paid for with a credit card from the store.

The personalized section is clearly distinct and separated from the base book. It is placed at the end of the book and printed upside down so it can be read easily from the back cover. The person doing the personalization cannot alter or view the base book.

In addition, each personalized version of the book includes a single page stating: “The following pages were created by me and were not reviewed or authorized by the organization that authored the rest of this book.”

The Adviser is not responsible for reviewing or approving personalized sections. The application and book are clear that the content of the personalized section is solely the responsibility of the creator.


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