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Picaboo Yearbooks Releases Massive Upgrade to its E-Commerce Yearbook Store


December 7, 2020

Yearbook Store on iPhone

Today, Picaboo Yearbooks releases an entirely new e-commerce store for selling school yearbooks and related products. With almost every school offering their yearbook for sale online, the design and flexibility of the yearbook’s online store is as important as the yearbook editor itself. This release provides advisers with more options and flexibility, and parents with an easier and more intuitive experience when purchasing a yearbook.

For advisers, the redesigned store management screens in Creator Studio logically walk the adviser through the key steps: deciding which products and upsells to offer, pricing those products, choosing shipping and labeling options, and determining payment options. Setting up and managing a yearbook store has never been easier. Advisers can offer books for pre-order or, if the book is complete, immediate production and delivery. Advisers can offer any combination of hard, soft and eYearbooks. Books can be sold at cost, for a profit, or can be subsidized by the school. Various upsells such as name stamping, parent ads and personalized pages can be offered. Books can be shipped to the school in bulk or shipped to home.

So that parents and students can easily identify it, the school’s yearbook store can be branded with your school’s colors and logo. In addition, the store and checkout are mobile friendly and all of the upsell and delivery options are intuitive and easy to locate. Parents will love the new look and feel of the yearbook store.

Finally, the new store redesigns how schools can offer prior yearbooks for sale so that schools can continue to share their stories and generate profits for years to come.

A well-designed, full-featured e-commerce yearbook store is critical to the success of every yearbook team. And that is exactly what you will find when you interact with this release.

Frequently Asked Questions

With this major update to the store, will my existing store still work?
Yes. Your existing store URL will redirect to its new address. For example, will redirect to Any books you have for sale in your existing store will still be available in the new store.

Can I order my yearbook on my mobile device?
Yes. The store is mobile-friendly, meaning you can view the store on any size screen and complete your order securely.

Can I have orders sent directly to homes of students?
Yes. If you are setting up your book for pre-order you may choose between shipping all the books in bulk to a single address, such as the school. Or, you can have each book drop-shipped to the address provided by the customer at time of purchase.

What are my shipping options?
There are various shipping methods depending on where your books will be shipped.

Can I customize my yearbook store?
Yes! When you set up your store with Creator Studio, you can customize the following settings to fit your school’s brand:

  • Custom URL
  • Store name
  • School name
  • Logo
  • Header background color
  • Header text color
  • Custom message

Can my school earn money from yearbook sales?
Yes. When you set up your book for sales in Creator Studio, you’ll get to set the price. The price will default to the base cost of your book. You can enter a higher price. Any difference between the actual cost of the book and the increased price you set is considered a markup or profit.

How will my school get paid for profit?
Profit checks are sent every February and September.

Can my school subsidize the cost of the yearbook so parents pay less?
Yes. When you set up your book for pre-order sales in Creator Studio, you’ll get to set the price. The price will default to the base cost of your book. You can enter a lower price. Any difference between the actual cost of the book and the lower price you set is considered a markdown, or money owed before the book is sent to the printers.

How does my school pay the money it owes for the order?
We will send an invoice prior to sending your order to production or you may choose to pay online with a credit card or PayPal. Milestone Yearbooks customers pay only by invoice.

Can I manage when customers get their eYearbooks?
Yes. So you don’t spoil the surprise, the digital copies of the yearbook, or the eYearbooks, purchased by customers can be delayed until the time you distribute the printed copies. When you submit your pre-order to production, you can choose the date you want the eYearbooks to be sent to customers who purchased them. On that date, the customer will receive an email with a link to download the eYearbook.

Will I be able to see a summary of online orders?
Yes. Once you publish your book for sale, you can see sales summaries in Creator Studio.