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Book Printing: Digital Yearbooks Are in Vogue

LANSDOWNE, VA, Janurary 17, 2016 – In a world that is increasingly digital, it’s comforting to see that some things will still live on: say, printed photos, for instance.

Picaboo has created online, cloud-based software that makes it easy to produce either photo books or yearbooks, which can then be digitally printed and shipped to clients in a timely manner.

What You Can Learn from Picaboo’s Success

I think there’s a wealth of information here to consider and apply to your own work.

  1. Certain things are primal. People seem to need paper copies of at least some images. They may not print all of their photos, but they want to print some of them. They want something physical and permanent to hold in their hands. This means photo books will be around for a while.
  2. I think it also means print books in general will be around for a while, for the same reasons. There may not be as many, and they may be more focused and expensive, with higher production values, but they will still be in demand.
  3. People need ways to document important transitions and experiences in their lives. Picaboo has identified high school, college, adoption, sports, and weddings as fitting this description. I’d also include religious occasions such as Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. We may not have as many rites of passage as we once did, but we still have the need for order, permanence, and even celebration of some key events.
  4. Personal occasions such as these often, if not usually, dictate small print book press runs. The books have a high emotional value but a limited audience. Digital printing is ideal for such products, particularly as digital output quality improves in leaps and bounds year over year.
  5. Applying all of these concepts and observations to your work will help you determine what products to commit to paper and what products to keep in digital format. In addition, this approach will help you determine which jobs lend themselves to offset printing and which lend themselves to digital output, whether due to their schedule or the shorter length of their press runs.

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About Picaboo Yearbooks: Founded in 2012, Picaboo Yearbooks is revolutionizing the modern-day yearbook through innovative technology and a groundbreaking business model. Now the fastest growing yearbook company in North America, Picaboo Yearbooks has distinguished itself from industry competitors by providing schools with easy-to-use cloud-based design tools, innovative mobile apps, no minimum orders, no hidden fees and an unmatched 3-week turnaround. Picaboo Yearbooks was created to shake up the stale, traditional yearbook industry by building a user-friendly platform where yearbooks are easier to create, content is more relevant to students and the cost barriers are no longer a concern. For more information, visit

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