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COVID-19 Company Update

HANOVER, NH, [Updated March 26, 2020]

We care about the health of students, faculty and families. This is a top priority for all schools during this time. We also care about the safety of our employees and the partners we work closely with, and have protocol in place to work remotely.

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to evolve, we are doing all we can to ensure that business runs as usual and are prepared for any new developments. First and foremost, the biggest question we have been hearing is “do we finish the yearbook or not?”

The answer is absolutely, and here are the top reasons why:

  1. The yearbook must go on: It’s an important part of the school year, and what better place to document it than your yearbook?
  2.  Picaboo Yearbooks is a cloud-based application: You and your team can continue to work on your project collaboratively wherever you are, whether it’s the classroom or your home office.
  3. Your books will get printed: We’ll make it happen! Just reach out to us so we can talk about the options for when, where, and how you’d like your books to be delivered.

And that’s not all. We are doing some other great things to help you deliver an amazing (even historic) yearbook. Here is a quick summary:

1 – Delivering Your Books [Read More…]

  • Shipping to adviser: If we are unable to ship your books to your school, we can ship your books to your (the adviser’s) home so you can make them available for pick up by families as you see fit.
  • Holding shipments: If you order your yearbooks while school is closed, we can hold the shipment until your school reopens and then have your books delivered when everyone returns.
  • Turnaround time: We guarantee a 3-week turnaround from order to arrival at your school. But if you are in a pinch, please call us and we will arrange for the books to be there faster.
  • Deadlines: Need to extend your deadline? Sure, give us a call at 855-537-0050.

2 – Adding Content [Read More…]

  • Pre-designed content: we are also packaging up some free pre-designed visual content relevant to COVID-19 to fill our your additional pages.
  • Retrospect: The new Retrospect2020 pages for US and Canada are now available to add to your yearbook!

3 – Resources for Parent Communications [Read More…]

We understand that flyers, posters, and postcards may not be the best way to market the yearbook to your community at the moment. That’s why we encourage you and your team to go digital:

  • Email support: Need some help reaching out to parents? Speak with your Account Representative who will be able to help put together a custom email campaign to your families.
  • Assets and messaging for social media or other communication channels
    In addition to an email, we also have some bite-sized content that you can post up on your active social media channels, LMS, or other communication tools [stay tuned].
  • Vidigami, our partner company offers a private and secure media management platform designed for schools. It is a walled garden where you can invite students, their families, and faculty to crowdsource their photos and videos. It also allows you and your fellow school admins to share visual announcements and information with your greater community. Reach out to your CSS to learn more or visit

4 – Last Resorts

Cancellations? Modifying your page count? Jump on a call with us.

We have lots of knowledge and resources that can help you and your communities, and we encourage you to continue your projects. Reach out to your Client Success Specialist or Account Executive if you require any support. You can also email or dial our support line at 855-537-0050.

We are here for you.

Stay safe, healthy, and we will get through this together!

Bill Miles, CEO