Quick & Quirky: QR Codes Keep Content Current!


Quick Response codes (as they are officially called) have been around for more than 20 years. Similar to a traditional UPC bar code, these 2-D codes can pack in a ton of information into a very small space. Data can be stored both vertically and horizontally and can be read in 360 degrees from any direction. With just a quick scan from a smart phone a user can watch a video, listen to a song or load a website.

QR Codes and Yearbooks

With a QR code, the yearbook is no longer just a collection of captions and still shots. It is now an interactive experience that you get to create for the reader. Because of their versatility, QR codes are a fantastic tool to help bring the yearbook photos to life. Consider adding a clip from the drama club’s big production; feature a highlight’s reel from the football team’s season, play the theme song from prom or invite advertisers to offer a discount coupon along with their ad. 

Making a QR Code is QUICK and EASY

QR codes are super easy to generate. There are many QR code generator websites available to help navigate you through the process. Some of our favorites include:




A fun tip: you aren’t limited to traditional black-and-white QR codes. You can add color, textures, pictures and even logos to make it more appealing to the reader.

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