I’m Lilia, from Rivendell Academy/part 1

Hey there-I’m Lilia, from Rivendell Academy. I’m a senior in high school, and am working with my friend Maia on the yearbook! These posts will follow our process as we piece together our school yearbook. So far we have been gathering inspiration from Picaboo’s yearbook collection. There’s a lot for us to learn, but we’re excited to see where our book ends up! Our first move has been to collect photos. We sent out a letter to our fellow seniors asking for submissions, and we’ve gotten a couple, but things are slow. Our next step is to share the “Request Photos” link from Creator Studio (the bookmaking software), where our friends can submit their own pictures right into the yearbook. We also have some group text where we can pester our friends to send in photos to the book. We will keep you updated as we get more done!

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